Wondering “What’s My Home Value?”

Although there are many details to consider when thinking of selling your home, homeowners always want an estimate of their home value. Here’s the problem with these “instant home valuation estimators.” They’re usually not very accurate.

Use this Estimated  Property Value Report as guideline and Starting Point.

Why aren’t they accurate? Because they take into account a range of homes with size similarities (4 bedrooms, 2 baths), not finishes, views, landscaping or other features. That misleads the homeowner into thinking their home is either worth more or potentially, less, than it really is.

Why get frustrated? There’s a better way to get an accurate value.


What do I do to get an Accurate Value?Appleton home value

  • Start with the home value estimator.
  • Make a list of your home’s features (ask yourself “What attracted me to buying this home?”)
  • Speak with 2-3 Realtors about a more accurate home value


Talking with a Realtor

It’s true. Only a trained professional who understands Real Estate, the market, and all of the other dynamics that go into selling your largest asset can give you the best idea of what your home is worth.

Unfortunately, it’s still likely you, as the loving home owner, think your home is worth more than it might be. But that’s okay. We can sit down, talk it over and come to agreement on your home value. We do that every day with homeowners.

Fill out the form below and let’s sit down and talk about your home value and all of the important details that comprise its market value.

Then, with that information, you can make the decision that’s right for you and your family, no software involved.



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