Choosing a Realtor to Sell your Home

Wanting to sell your home…

… But you’re not sure who to trust?

Do you remember the old riddle that goes, “What do you call the person who graduated dead-last in their medical school class?”

Answer: “DOCTOR!”

Well, it’s the same with real estate agents. Someone with vast experience and extraordinary professionalism usually costs the same as someone with little or no experience, or with compromising standards. You need to know how to tell the difference up front.

Choosing a competent and experienced realtor to sell your home can mean the difference between a higher negotiated sales price and losing money, selling in less time or in more time (costing you potentially thousands of dollars in added interest), and experiencing problems and hassles or a problem-free transaction.

Our community is loaded with agents who might not be right for you, your area, and your home. Some agents are in business part time for a little extra cash. Others are subsidizing other businesses or careers. And then there’s your “cousin Harry,” whom you feel obligated to because he “really needs your business.”

Selling your home is probably the most important financial transaction you will ever make. That’s why I take my business so seriously. It’s also why I have developed customized home marketing programs customized to your specific situation. I’m committed to sell your home as quickly as possible and for as much as possible while giving you the best experience possible. Check out my client testimonials to see why home owners choose me.


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