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Is NOW the time to be thinking about changing brokerages?

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Seriously. If you’re a Realtor doing pretty well at your current brokerage, why would you be changing brokerages?

Well, you don’t have to change.


But you should always know your options. That’s just smart business.Join eXp Realty


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What are the Top 5 areas of your life that are most important to you? Consider financial, emotional, lifestyle, health, time…


Here are the Top 5 Life Priorities eXp Realty agents cited BEFORE they joined:

Changing brokerages


  • Family
  • Money to pay the bills and save
  • Home
  • Newer model car
  • Being able to retire comfortably

Do these match up with yours?

Over 15,000 Realtors feel eXp helps them
focus on their Top 5 priorities.

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May I buy you a cup of coffee and we’ll talk about life priorities and how to spend more time focused on them?

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Change brokerages



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