3 Tips Home Buyers Should Know

You can Google this topic and find many articles about tips for Buyers looking for a new home. So I want to do something a bit unique here with the 3 Tips Home Buyers Should Know and see if I can’t help you think a little differently about buying your new home.

#1: Take some of the emotion out of the decision

If you’ve read my Top 3 Tips on Wants vs. Needs, as a Home Buyer, you already have a good start. However, a lot of times, buying your new home, especially when it’s your first new home, is very emotional.

That’s the reason why I suggest that you write down as much information as possible about what you want, in list form, in your home. Then, identify which items on that list are absolute Needs and which ones are Wants. You can find out the definition between those two in my Wants vs. Needs article.

Once you’ve identified your Wants and Needs, that helps take a bit of the emotion out of the decision. Let’s face it, though. This is one of the largest and important financial decisions you’re going to make. It’s a commitment!

#2: Check out what you like and don’t like through online searching

Although it may seem like an odd thing for a real estate agent to suggest, I’d like to recommend that you search online to see what homes are available. I’ve included my website www.homesforsaleinappletonwi.com which is connected to the MLS so you can provide the specifics on the type of homes you will consider.

This searching gives you a better feeling for the types of home designs including whether you want a Ranch, Cape, Colonial, or some other design of home. Just because a home is still listed doesn’t necessarily mean it will still be available so avoid the common home buyer mistake of  “falling in love with” a specific home during this search.

Of course, if you have any questions during the search process, give me a call, send me an email, or text me. Once you feel comfortable with the features and location of a few homes that you would consider purchasing, let’s get together and discuss your list of wants and needs. As part of that visit, I can show you a few homes, providing you share that list with me in advance.

Also, if you are interested in new builds, those may not be listed so let me know if you want to check out a few of those as well.

#3 Research the Right Agent for You!

I know it may seem odd that I am suggesting that you research the right agent for you when clearly, I’m right here. Any agent with their license in your desired state can sell you a home and process the paperwork. However, the key to having the best home buying experience is to make sure that your agent is a good match for you and vice versa. That happens through research and a conversation.

A real estate agent is more than just the person who helps you make an offer and process the paperwork to buy your new home.

Your real estate agent should be someone that you trust and respect and who also has expertise and relationships to connect you with people who can help you during your home purchase and who can help you after the home purchase.

I would suggest that you look up prospective agents on Facebook and go to their website to see what type of information they provide to you about the neighborhood and the area that you’re looking in. If they are not very familiar with the area of your future new home, you might want to continue your research.

Then, it’s time to set up a 30 minute consultation with them, preferably in person (or over Skype), to see how well you communicate with each other. Skipping these steps can make your home buying experience more stressful and potentially, longer and more difficult.

This is one of the BIG decisions in life. Don’t you want to enjoy it by matching up with the right real estate agent?

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