Appleton Home Selling Process

How do I Sell my Appleton Home?

If you’re wondering what the home selling process is for your Appleton home, you are in the right place! Selling your biggest investment (and perhaps asset) can be daunting so check out our home selling process steps and write down your questions as you go.

Once you have your list of questions, let’s sit down and talk about them. You would ask a doctor questions about your health, wouldn’t you? So it makes sense to sit down with  Realtor to talk about the Real Estate market so you can make the right decision for you and your family.


Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful!

Appleton Home Selling Process

      1. Recognize that every home and area is unique.
      2. Decide which repairs and painting you want to do before selling.
      3. Have a yard sale to get rid of clutter and old bulky furniture.
      4. Get your home professionally cleaned (trust us, you’re probably “nose blind”).
      5. Meet with 2-3 Realtors to get their perspective on your home’s value. Be sure to ask to see their Digital Marketing plan.
      6. Talk with Realtor about your timeframe and decide together on a price.
      7. Decide on a timeframe to revisit the price if the house is not getting enough interest.
      8. Get a home inspection to show buyers that you’re home is in good shape.
      9. Use your Realtor’s expertise to negotiate the best price.
      10. Close on your home.
      11. Pack up and move out.
      12. Start your NEW ADVENTURE!

That’s it. 12 basic steps and you’re on your way. Yes, there’s more detail to each step but if you take your time, understand and complete each step and use a Realtor you trust and with whom you communicate well, the experience will be much easier.

My homeowner clients say that they really enjoyed our 30 minute “get to know each other” consultation to see if we were a good match for each other. I make the same offer to you! Send me a text or give me a call and we’ll set up a 30 minute coffee chat to get your Home Selling Questions answered. Then we can decide if there are any next steps.

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